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I write because I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of bull@#$%. -M.P. DePaul

Monica DePaul teaches rhetoric and writing skills at the University of North Florida, and by that she means that she teaches BS-detection skills. She excels in knowing when students are ignoring her and making just the right dirty joke to catch their attention. She also startles easily and is distrustful of anyone she has not carried on a conversation with face-to-face for at least ten solid minutes. Monica is currently helping with the fights to get Jacksonville to pass an LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance and to get livable pay for adjunct college professors. In her free time, she can be found playing video games, lifting weights, and maintaining her natural curls.

Monica has self-published her first book, Blood on Fire, a sarcastic satire of the vampire genre chronicling the exploits of snarky teenage vampire Amy Able as she fends off undead super soldiers from her Florida town. Monica is working on a sequel to this book, Blood on the Rocks, as well as Little Annoyances, a short story compilation featuring young people overcoming ridiculous obstacles from the mundane to the supernatural. She loves semi-colons, dashes, action scenes, and long strings of dialog.

Contact me at monica@mpdepaul.com

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Monica Paige DePaul

Monica Paige DePaul