After waking up at 3 AM (and falling asleep at 1), my buddy brought me to Jacksonville international airport where TSA was very professional and courteous despite my gender “anomaly” setting off the full body scanner. Leaving at the ass crack of dawn, I set off on the first two plane rides I can actually remember.

Arriving in Philadelphia shortly before 11 AM, I discovered that the DNC’s chartered transportation was totally incompetent, with many delegates going the same route as me waiting endlessly for a bus that never came. When it did, it didn’t have enough space for more than six delegates. I decided that waiting was asinine and got a ride from my cousin Will and his wife Colleen, whom I am staying with.

All the while, I managed to grade a surprising number of essays.

After settling into my lodging, I realized that I had no procured substantial nourishment since 5 AM, we headed to the Reading Market Terminal, a tremendous farmer’s market, where I partook of roast pork sandwich from Tommy Dinic’s and passed multiple protests by Bernie Sanders supporters so discontent with the DNC’s shenanigans, especially after the recent leak of emails showing that the DNC, Clinton campaign, and corporate media conspired to marginalize Sanders. Protestors managed to shut down the streets in front of City Hall

Later that night, I attended a welcome reception, where I was overwhelmed with fancy food and open bars. I hoped to schmooze with political elites and plant seeds of discontent and progressive idealism, but I was not quite successful since I was too busy exploiting free food and drink, conspiring heresy with my fellow delegates, celebrating the resignation of Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, and figuring out how I was possibly still operating on just two hours of sleep.

Speaking of which, if I stay up any longer, I will probably die. Good night!

I will share photos when I feel more alive.