Frieza is the chilling villain of a long story arc of Dragon Ball Z. Frieza runs a real estate empire that he inherited from his father, King Cold.  He sends his cronies, members of various alien races who have submitted to him, to subjugate or exterminate native people from planets across the galaxy. Frieza considers all other races beneath him and only tolerates those who pledge absolute loyalty to his authority and are powerful enough to be of use to him. The empty planets are then sold to the highest bidders.

Does anything sound familiar about this? America’s new president has some eerie similarities to this fantasy/sci-fi villain.

Donald Trump inherited a real estate empire from his father, Fred Trump. The Trumps were accused of racial bias in the tenants they rented property to in 1973, giving minorities worse deals. During Trump’s campaign, he repeatedly badmouthed Muslims and Mexicans as terrorists, rapists, and criminals. He gained the support of white supremacists who consider all other races inferior. As for native peoples, according to Shawn Boburg of the Washington Post, “Donald Trump claimed that Indian reservations had fallen under mob control. He secretly paid for more than $1 million in ads that portrayed members of a tribe in Upstate New York as cocaine traffickers and career criminals. And he suggested in testimony and in media appearances that dark-skinned Native Americans in Connecticut were faking their ancestry.” He also gave his blessing to the Dakota Access Pipeline, which he has personally invested in. Clearly, Trump doesn’t care about native inhabitants.

Frieza gulping wine

Only the best wine for your new president.

Frieza gives off an air of elegance and aristocracy through all of his mannerisms, frequently seen with a glass of wine. He has unbridled pride in himself, his empire, and his power; he’s not shy about showing it. He often taunts his opponents, toying with them while using little of his whole power. If someone challenges him, Frieza terminates them.

Trump brand wine

Aged to defection

Donald Trump runs posh hotels around the world. His businesses offer luxurious services to those who can afford them. His buildings often contain portraits of himself, often paid for by his “charitable” foundation. He even has his own lines of wine, steaks, and clothing. Whenever someone complains about his absolute superiority, he threatens to sue them for libel, asserting his dominance.

When Goku becomes a Super Saiyan and finally stands up to Frieza at his full power, Frieza loses his cool. As soon as someone effectively challenges his superiority, Frieza becomes enraged and does whatever he can to end that opponent’s existence. He even sets off a slow explosion of the planet Namek as they continue fighting, if only to ensure Goku’s death while Frieza escapes into space (where he can survive). Frieza cannot bear the thought of not being allowed to lay claim to whatever he wants. Here is the abridged version of what happens (fan-dubbed to be sillier):

Donald Trump has an extremely fragile ego. After losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, Trump insists that “millions of people voted illegally.” He can’t accept that he only won because of the extremely outdated Electoral College system and that these illegal voters don’t exist. After his inauguration was far emptier than Barack Obama’s and George W. Bush’s, his press secretary went on a whiny rant about how the press wasn’t being fair by not saying that it was the biggest inauguration in history. The Women’s March the next day had triple the attendance. Trump and his cronies will attack anyone who hurt their egos. Will he destroy the world? Well, he does have access to the nuclear arsenal. He can also curb the voting rights of millions of Americans.

With all this said, who is more evil—Frieza or Donald Trump?

At first glance, the answer is obvious: Frieza. Frieza has destroyed whole planets. He has slaughtered and enslaved whole races. His very existence is a threat to the stability of the universe.

However, everything in Dragon Ball Z is taken to an extreme. Eventually the power to destroy a whole planet becomes commonplace. Most major characters are impervious to bullets and can shoot energy blasts from their hands. Therefore, Frieza’s level of evil must be handicapped to take this difference of expectations into account.

Consequently, Donald Trump is possibly more evil. Frieza’s actions are consistent and predictable. He also rarely lies, unless one considers his claim of planetary ownership a lie. Trump, on the other hand, relies on “alternative facts,” forming an almost Orwellian basis for his right to rule. He has also reversed his campaign promises of “draining the swamp” of corruption in Washington by appointing the worst millionaires and billionaires with extremist views to his cabinet. Frieza never misled anyone in such a regard.

Taking this element of unpredictability and the differences between real and anime worlds into account, I rule that Donald Trump is the more dangerous villain.

Must everyone bow down to the powerful elite? Must the world pay homage to a spoiled child with a god complex, a man with an ego so fragile that any criticism amounts to a threat to the world’s very existence? Is a real estate magnate who has abused his power to forcibly take the land of countless native people worth trusting with all of society? Must we continue pretending that his success is a result of his hard work and dedication instead of a fat inheritance from his father? Should we strive to be him even though we never can? Or should we risk everything to defeat him?

Now more than ever, the world needs a Super Saiyan.

Bernie and Goku comparison