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Vampire-related literature has degenerated to a sexist mess of wish-fulfillment and idol worship. I’m here to make it better.

Blood on Fire is the first book by indie author M. P. DePaul. This action comedy is the tale of Amy Able, a total nerd who entrenched in the insanity of vampire attacks and the media circus surrounding them. This is not a teen drama. This is a struggle for dominance between a normally light-hearted girl and the dangerous group that transformed her into an undead creature.

Back Cover Blurb:

My name is Amy Able.


I used to be just a scrawny geek…until that morning. I was in a daze, with no memory of recent events. Sunlight burned, I had fangs, and I hungered for blood. What happened? Why did I turn into a vampire?


Then I got that call from my worried friends and the invite to go see the Lupia concert with them. I cautiously accepted, but it turned sour when I uncontrollably bit my best friend and a strange enemy, representing a group under the command of someone called “The Fool,” attacked Lupia.


By mastering my newfound strength and power over fire, I can fight back. I also have my uniquely talented friends—modern warlock Will Jadis and lovely sharpshooter Amelia Valentine—and together we can defend Lupia and our hometown from these vicious vampires, one of whom is that hulking beast from my past.


To complicate matters further, mom and dad are missing, those jerk journalists won’t leave me alone, and I still have to survive school, where I must now brave deadly sunlight and the continued stares of my classmates. What did I do to deserve this?

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Monica Paige DePaul

Monica Paige DePaul