Blood Arcana Characters

Amy Able
16 years old
Amy was always a geek–particularly a lover of video games, science fiction, anime, and fashion. Unconfident in both her looks and her talents, Amy has rarely branched out  beyond herself and her circle of friends, so most other students at her school have simply ignored her, with the exception of Shelly Smith, who bullies her to no end. All eyes turn to Amy, however, when she suddenly becomes a vampire and faces off against a menace that has caused the disappearance of her parents and now threatens her town. She must master he newfound strength and power over fire to rise to the challenge before her.

Will Jadis
17 years old
Will is Amy’s long-time friend whose family harbors a secret history of magic. He grew  up among books, from which he gathered both great knowledge and magic skill. He is immensely intelligent, and although he is still a junior, no one doubts that he will inevitably be valedictorian upon graduation.

Amelia Valentine
17 years old
Amelia is Amy’s best friend, and the two of them share a deep bond with each other. She is a beautiful mathematical genius whose father trained her in the use of firearms from an early age, giving her almost unparallelled speed and accuracy with a pistol. Though she is fairly geeky, Amelia is quite popular among the boys at school, and she has been known to sometimes literally have a new boyfriend every week.

23 years old
Lupia is a musician with a heart of gold. She uses her music to convey peaceful and often environmentalist messages to her audience, though she tries to never force her opinion on others. Humble and polite on the outside, Lupia actually harbors many secrets that she would rather not talk about.

Minerva Jadis
37 years old
Will’s mother is an expert mage and chain smoker with a dead end day job who raised her son alone. She is very wary of Will’s female friends and has completely banned him from all dating. Lately she has been rather reclusive, and Will wants to know why.

Robert Valentine
45 years old
Amelia’s father is a police captain in the city of Palm Coast. A towering bear of a man, he is unwavering and stalwart in his upholding of the law–so much so that he has garnered quite a bit of hate from both his fellow officers and others.

Shelly Smith
17 years old
Shelly is a beautiful blonde varsity cheerleader and the most popular girl among the juniors at school. She is also a bully who has terrorized Amy for years, consistently referring to her as “Lamy.”

Emily Rogers
17 years old
Amy’s high school has no girls’ wrestling team, so Emily is is one of top wrestlers on the boys’ team. Easily angered, she is responsible for Amy’s missing teeth.

The Fool, Tower, Strength, Chariot, Devil
Ages vary
These are the members of Project Arcana, who know the truth to Amy’s transformation. They also have the key to destroying the entire town. They bear much in common with an old and well-known source of evil.

Monica Paige DePaul

Monica Paige DePaul