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USA Today: How it felt when America got a first woman presidential nominee

This article misquotes me. It says nothing about the fact that I attended the DNC as a Bernie Sanders delegate and says that I was happy that Hillary Clinton acknowledged transgender people even though I said that in reference to Bernie supporters.

TCPalm: Jacksonville woman making history at Democratic National Convention

This is weird. I'm the headline, but that isn't a picture of me, and there are two other separate articles mixed in. At least this one points out that I'm with Sanders though. It's nice to know that I made history.

NBC News: DNC's Transgender Delegates Celebrate Advances, Recognize Challenges

I was part of the largest transgender delegation to attend any major political party convention. That's me in the back right side of the photo.

Naples Daily News: Transgender delegate a first for Florida

This article is a very accurate sampling of what my political leanings are, portraying me as more than a single issue candidate. It also reports why I hate Caitlynn Jenner.

CCTV: A display of diversity among Democratic delegates

This is an accurate portrayal of my statement about being inspired to become politically active thanks to Bernie Sanders.

Action News Jax: DNC delegates anticipate Sen. Tim Kaine's remarks to convention

This article includes my tepid response to Hillary Clinton's pick of Tim Kaine as her running mate.

Action News Jax: Delegates say DNC highlights diversity of Hillary Clinton supporters

I was slightly misquoted. I didn't say that Clinton is the only candidate to protect LGBT rights but that she is the only candidate of the major two (not a lot of competition there though). I wasn't even at the DNC as a Clinton supporter.

The Hill: Wasserman Schultz booed off stage in Philadelphia

I'm not specifically mentioned in this article, but I was part of the group of Bernie delegates who made history.

Spinnaker (UNF): UNF Adjunct Professor Represents LGBT Community as Florida’s First Transgender Delegate

The University of North Florida's school newspaper rushed to contact me after learning that one of their very own adjunct professors became a delegate to the DNC. Tia Mitchell: Jacksonville transgender woman makes history, talks bathrooms

I was interviewed after I became Florida's first transgender DNC delegate.

Watermark Online: First transgender delegate elected in Florida

I was interviewed after I became Florida's first transgender DNC delegate.

WFSU: Florida Democrats Elect First Openly Transgender Delegate

I was constantly interviewed for being Florida's first trans delegate.

HRO Jacksonville | Monica Paige DePaul | #JAXHRO | #jaxpol | 2016 @MPDePaul

This is me speaking in front of the Jacksonville City Council advocating for LGBT human rights.


Action News Jax: Jacksonville City Council hears debate over potential expansion of Human Rights Ordinance

I was a powerful voice in favor of Jacksonville adopting an LGBT inclusive human rights ordinance.

Monica Paige DePaul

Monica Paige DePaul